We invite all of you, hairdressers, pet shops, pet groomers, representatives / owners of livestock units and all the people who are active in these areas, to take part in the recycling movement we have started, with the main goal of protecting the environment.


Initially, by collecting the hair clippings after your professional activity in bags or boxes that you already have in your space from product purchases, etc. Then you call us (send e-mail to Restia, or sms or call us on our phones) to collect them or you send them by post (outside the Prefecture of Attica) to the headquarters of Restia, located in Peristeri / Athens.

So we invite you to donate your waste to Restia and in this way be the first and most important step to protect the environment, our seas, our Greece. With your valuable donation, we will be able to create and produce the 2 products of Restia, with the aim of protecting and preventing accidents from oil and fuel. In addition, our products will be promoted in coastal municipalities, coasts, beaches, hotel units, shipyards, refineries, workshops, military / air / naval bases, so that all areas / areas have the ability to treat ecologically and with respect for the environment. problems caused by oil and its derivatives.

Let us join forces, you with the donation of your waste and we with hard work, consistency and responsibility, so that we can become a green wave of cleanliness that will protect and respect the environment. At the same time, with this team effort we will ensure our children their right to live and enjoy our incomparably beautiful clean seas, and to learn how recycling can ONLY bring positive results, in terms of environmental sustainability.