Dimitrios Girtzalis, inspirer and president of Restia, is a responsible and ecologically active citizen of our country. On the occasion of the shipwreck of 2017 in domestic waters and knowing the "magic" property of the hair to collect oils while being a hairdresser by profession, he thought that the industry that is active in such an unfortunate event could offer something.

We bathe because of the collection of oils from our hair. The hair has the property / ability to absorb from 3 to 9 times its weight in oils. Any oil (eg oil) is essentially hooked to the scales of the hair and covers its surface. In addition, it is a hydrophobic material, so it does not retain water, but only oils.

With this information and with the will of the offer as a basic guide, Dimitrios started a thorough research regarding the use of hair clippings in the removal of oil from our shores and seas. Together with his partner, Chryssa Krikoni, they came in contact with the only company active in the field of hair recycling, the Matter of Trust, based in San Francisco, USA. It is an organism that collects scraps of hair and through the method of recycling creates products that absorb oil and therefore replace the existing synthetics with propylene and other polymers, as well as chemical filters, which are extremely harmful to the sustainability of the environment.

With the full support, enthusiasm, ecological awakening and know-how of the people of Matter of Trust, Restia was transformed from an auspicious idea into a legal entity, which responsibly and seriously undertook the role of introducing ecological filters in the Greek mentality.